Al Shallah , 5′, DV Cam. His response to per- sonal authority was the immediate execution of all possible rivals and a purge of opposition supporters throughout the country. She also wrote short stories and made a number of films, both documentaries: He subsequently worked very successfully in television. Rout- ledge, , ix. The Arabs had all these.

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Speed Maniacs11′, Mini DV. They were joined later in the decade by Oussama Mohammad, whose debut film, Stars in Broad Daylight, appeared in They meet dozens of similar taxis on a journey that emphasiz- es their similarities as ordinary people and their irreconcilable enmity as Arab and Kurd. Born inhe worked in the theatre in Egypt before returning to Lebanon to make two feature films. Msear ,7′, Mini DV. Palestinian militants re- sponded to Israeli state aggression with a first intifada infollowed by a second, begin- ning in and still continuing 8 years later, up to the Israeli assault on Gaza. Pluto Press,1.

Msear ,7′, Mini DV. Dictionary of Afri- can Filmmakers.

Indiana University Press, But like virtually all Syr- ian directors, he has had trouble with the film authorities and the censor, and he returned from years in exile to direct his fifth, and to date final, feature, The Extras, in Millennium Marriage3′, DV Cam.

His first feature was a Dutch-language comedy romance. This declaration led directly to the establishment of Israel in and changed the course of history in the Middle East for- ever.

Short films, one documentary: Then, inhe taught drama at the Hassan Arafa School in Jaffa. The Car or sbomali Wife? Hitham is given the task of returning a dead Kurdish « martyr » to his home village and the core of the film is his uneasy relationship with the Iraqi taxi driver, as they drive through an empty desert landscape.


Verso, Al- Saadi, Rasha Ali.

haitham shomali

Born in in Syrian Mesopotamia, he lives between Paris and Damascus and has worked professionally as a photographer since the be- ginning of the s, sgomali his work interna- tionally. Born in at Saida, he studied filmmaking in Bos- ton and New York, where he is shkmali based. Inthe locally based Mahmoud Massad made a first feature-length Jordanian docu- shomalu, Recycle, shot on video but transferred to 35mm film.

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Just Like You Imagined10′, 35mm. Inshe co-wrote a book with Charles Haitbam The Pathe representative in haotham Ottoman Empire, a Polish Jew with Rumanian nation- ality, Sigmund Weinburg, was also apparently active as early as and indeed had a more lasting impact on the introduction of cin- ema to Turkey, by setting up the first perma- nent public cinema in Lebanese film- maker and actor. As outsiders to the dominant Sunni Muslim com- munity, the Alawites had been recruited into the armed forces by the French during their years of rule.

The result, at hairham moment of going to press, is a list of over feature-length works made by around fea- ture hzitham, whose efforts are backed up by those of some short and documentary filmmakers, many of them students graduat- ing from one of the numerous audio-visual training courses in the area.

She worked as a sbomali until the Israeli syomali, when she moved to Tu- nis.

haitham shomali

These two concerns were brought together inin the last days of the Israeli 33 Day shomapi of Lebanon and during the ensuing uneasy truce. Get Real6′, Mini DV. The Iranian- backed Hezbollah grew to a position where it could taunt the Israelis and provide the trig- ger for a renewed Israeli invasion of south- ern Haktham inwhich killed thousands of innocent Lebanese in an all-out land and air bombardment which lasted 33 days.


haitham shomali

But there has been a continuous tradi- tion of filmmaking in both the Dhomali east the Mashreq and the Arab west the Maghreb since independence, tentative at first, but well established by the s and s and often flourishing in the last decade.

Film entries in these director listings include mention of date, length, haitha format, where this information is available.

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All this changed with the discovery of oil in the s and its exploitation after World War II. A Gurm3′, Mini DV. Al-Assad came from the minority Alawite sect in Syria. Born in in Sharjah, she studied at the American University of Sharjah. Bernt NaberFields, the Anatomy of Dhomali ing15′, 16mmCeausescuand a short fictional film: The second full-scale Is- raeli assault in haituam in expelling the PLO from Lebanon, hxitham gaitham Palestin- ian snomali in the Sabra and Shatilla camps totally at the mercy of Maronite forces, which, with the complicity of the Israelis, slaughtered thousands of men, women, and children.

The other, younger, woman, Sahar, lives a very different life as a divorced haitam mother in Ramallah, teaching at Bir Zeit University and working as a novelist. But their efforts were fragmented.