Advantages of Moving Kitchen to Front Area

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Kitchen area at home since ancient times is very identical placed in the back. The assumption that the kitchen as a dirty area and should be hidden from guests to be the main reason in placing the kitchen at home. But now the thinking is beginning to change.

We need not hesitate when choosing to place the kitchen in the front area, center, or close to the family room. What advantages doapt when placing the kitchen at the front of the house?

1.More Stays Clean

Placement of the kitchen on the front of the house, indirectly will make you pay attention to cleanliness and tidiness, because the location is in the front of the house and can be seen by anyone who pass it. You will be embarrassed if the kitchen looks messy by the guests, right ?!

This will change your habits become more diligent to clean the kitchen area. A clean kitchen in the front of the house will also give a good impression on guests visiting your dwelling.

2. It’s easier to keep an eye on the house

Cooking is a time-consuming activity. You may not realize it, but criminals just read the opportunity. And daylight is a vulnerable time of crime, such as the entry of thieves or robbers.

With the placement of the kitchen on the front will allow you or a housekeeper to supervise the house. In addition, it also makes it easier for those of you who have children aged under five who still need more supervision.

3. No fear at night

At midnight you may often wake up from hunger or thirst and require you to go to the kitchen. And the kitchen area that is at the back of the house often makes people afraid when to go there alone at night.

Another case if the location of the kitchen is in the front of the house. You will not be afraid anymore because you feel more familiar with the area so it feels safer.

4. Make it easy to entertain guests

The location of the kitchen in the back will increase the distance with the living room in the front area. The location of the kitchen in the front or middle of the room will facilitate you when serving dishes or drinks for guests.

If you have an open concept kitchen, you can even invite guests to chat in your clean kitchen while cooking.

5. Unique Kitchen Design

Formerly the location of the kitchen at the back of the house is generally always designed conventionally. Now you can experiment to decorate the kitchen area more beautiful and unique.

A well-designed kitchen will make visiting guests impressed when they see it and provide a plus for you, the homeowner.

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